by Alan Rosenberg, Esquire

You unfortunately suffer an injury at work. You are sent to a doctor for treatment by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company at their expense. You might even collect temporary disability under workers’ compensation if you have to be kept out of work for a period of time. Somewhere along the way, you will probably ask yourself, “Should I get a lawyer?”

Your answer should be a resounding YES!

There are several important reasons why. Issues may arise, such as: are you getting all the treatment and tests you need; are you being discharged by the doctor too soon; should you get a second doctor’s opinion; what do you do when the doctor sends you back to work on either light or full duty, which you may disagree with.

If would be a huge benefit to have an attorney on your side to answer your questions, give you advice, and, if necessary, file special motions with the judge regarding any of the aforementioned issues.

The biggest reason to hire an attorney is that the law entitles you to seek what is called “permanent partial disability” after your medical treatment is over. This means monetary compensation for any continuing effects from your injury.You really need the expertise of a workers’ compensation attorney to help you get this benefit.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get a lawyer involved or file a claim in the court. We all know that these are trying economic times where job security is a concern. However, New Jersey law prohibits an employer from retaliating in any way against you for seeking workers’ compensation.

The law entitles you to benefits for being hurt while doing your job. Please call or email me to obtain those benefits to the fullest extent possible.